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Climate Change

Believing in sustainable today and shaping a better tomorrow is the key motto on which entire JKLCL family runs its manufacturing process. We understand the growing concern, about climate change and has always taken responsibility towards monitoring and reducing our emissions. Nation's commitment towards climate change in COP 21 through the submitted INDCs' is being well supported by the company on every aspects. Under our strategy of Mitigating Climate Change Impacts, company has undertaken and implemented various projects like Installation of WHRS, Establishment of Solar Power Plant and other solar based lightening systems, Use of Biomass as an AFR For Generating Power, Large area plantation and Installation of latest art of technology emission control equipment and etc

Fuels And Raw Materials

At JK Lakshmi Cement our aim is to Maximize the use of Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials at our units. Use of Alternative Fuel and Raw Materials is one of the top most priority at our manufacturing units. Looking towards reducing emissions and conserving the natural resource, we have encouraged the use of Petcoke to maximum possible percentage in our Kilns and Captive Power Plants. Selection of AFR and its utilization is done as per the guidelines suggested by the government regulatory authorities.As an initiative, one of our unit at Sirohi, Rajasthan, have Biomass Feeding System for utilization of biomass as alternative fuel in Pyro-Processing, which includes mustard husk, moong husk, etc.Resource Conservation is one of the most important aspect of manufacturing theme.

Health & Safety

JKLCL manages its activities in a responsible manner to avoid causing any harm to the health and safety of its employees, contract personnel and visitors. Towards cementing a healthier and Safer tomorrow, We practice Occupational Health & Safety standards and guidelines; provides the necessary resources, training & education and measure performance for continuous improvement in the work place area towards ensuring Zero harm.We at JKLCL are bound to our laid down Rules and Principles, towards cementing healthier and safer workplace every moment. Our fundamentals based on our Policy, Rules and Principles, guide us to the path of Safe Today and a Safer Tomorrow.Our commitment towards health and safety is well imbibed at each level of organization that is reflected in our safe working practices.


Water is one of the most precious gift of nature and lifeline of any living entity. Its conservation and management is essential for the secure and sustainable development. Being concerned towards utilization of such valuable natural resource, JK Lakshmi Cement Limited, looks very carefully into each and every aspect of its Extraction, Utilization and Treatment. Existing Strong management system ensures the effective utilization of water and Recharge of Ground Water in both natural and artificial ways at our units and mines.

Land and Community

JKLCL’s virtue of doing business has always been associated deeply to its motherland and community in the vicinity. Understanding the importance of Land Resources to people nearby company has established its units in most-optimized manner, requiring minimum of Land Resource. Our Units, further looks cautiously towards developing greenbelt and plantation areas . To gear up the Green Movement, Units horticulture section has taken a lead in planting different types of native plant species at its Plants, Colony and Mines, Along road side as per climatic and edaphic factors.

Reporting & Communication

We are bound to our commitment of Reporting and Communication through various channels. Company reports its EC Compliances, Environmental Statements and other necessary reports for its Plants and Mines to the Government Regulatory Bodies in regular manner.Our units are well certified for Environmental Standards like ISO14001, Environment Management System, etc. We are also bound to the commitments towards safeguarding the aspects of sustainability in most possible manner through incorporaton of various policy at different sectors of its business profile.

Our Commitment towards

Social Engagement


Naya Savera (Integrated Family Welfare Programme)

Addresses the health condition of the poor, illiterate and tribal areas


Mor Sangwari (My Friend)

Initiated promotion of the low cost sanitary napkins


Vama Lakshmi (Initiative Towards Women Empowerment)

Vocational Training and Livelihood Interventions for females


Environment Sustainability

Imbibing green towards a greener tomorrow, we focus on reducing use of natural resources and embrace renewable resources. We make every possible endavor to optimize our ecological fottprint.

Social Sustainability

For sustaining the chemistry of human relations, we work for the upliftment of the society where we operate, by interventions in the areas of inter-alia healthcare, education, skill development.

Business Sustainability

Ensuring a governance structure which ensures our financials so that we can deliver the best quality to our consumers and a consistent performance of the company.

System Sustainability

In our quest of committed delivery for today and tomorrow, we thrive for continuous operational improvements for desired results at expected preformance levels.

Health & Safety Sustainability

Encrypting best-in-class health & safety practices of national and internation standards in our workplace is one of the biggest strength of JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd.

Technological Sustainability

Welding technology through implementing innovations, we are passionate for constant improvements and innovation accross stages of production to gain product superiority and cater to our customer's needs better.

Sustainability For Me.

Jagrat Dave

Industrial Trainee

"My aim to generate green power through design and implementing an Industrial Project became reality at JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd."

Sneha Kant

Engineer - Process

"Working with process parameter, makes me happy, with a sense of satisfaction to put my engineering background to work at real Industry"

Preeti Mathur

Sr. Engineer - Information Technology

"My desire to innovate and implement new things came to reality, here at JKLCL. I enjoy the freedom to think, explore, implement and even fail, but never fail to learn."

Kapil Kapoor


"Sustainable balance of Systems that adds value to business and the associated stakeholders is the only right working strategy."

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